GraviTrax Transfer Magnet-Add-On

These small magnetic clips return the transfer to its original position after the ball. 1 set contains three clips and six magnets.

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  • 3 clips with magnets + three loose magnets
  • Superglue or double-sided adhesive tape is needed to stick the three loose magnets onto the transfers!
  • The transfer stick may need to be "thickened" a little with adhesive tape.
  • The product is self-made. Therefore, the colour of the product may differ from the pictures shown.

The three clips are simply pushed onto the bar of the transfer. The three magnets are already attached there.

The three counter magnets are also included in the delivery. They can be easily attached to the white base of the transfer with super glue or double-sided tape.

The additional weight of the clip makes the transfer a little more sluggish, so the ball needs a little more momentum than usual. The strength of the magnet can be varied by moving or turning the clip.

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Note on sticking on the counter magnets:

To find out the opposite side, it is best to hold a small piece of paper in front of the clip and check which side of the magnet is attracted. Stick this side of the magnet onto the white transfer module.

Due to manufacturing tolerances, it can happen that the clips do not sit tightly enough on the transfer bar. Wrapping the clips with Sellotape will help to make them more durable.


Due to the production process, the colour of the clips may vary from the pictures shown here!

Scope of delivery:

Three clips with magnets and three separate magnets.

The GraviTrax extension "Transfer" is not included!

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