Cool 3D print add-on parts for GraviTrax

GraviTrax 3D Druck BallkickerGraviTrax is a great system for building fantastic marble runs. With the original parts from Ravensburger, a lot is already possible, but with the 3D print add-ons from coogelbahn, GraviTrax becomes even more spectacular.

Intelligent, small solutions from the 3D printer enable, for example, multiple passes in the transfer extension or provide the dipper with an automatic switch. The turntable becomes a multiple ball release and the one-way turnouts allow for completely new track layouts.

The seesaw, which can be used from either one or both directions, is also practical.

More ideas are in the works

More ideas are still waiting to be implemented. As soon as there is something new, it will of course be available here in the shop.

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Now also available: Original GraviTrax

All the 3D printing AddOns for GraviTrax shown here only work with the original, of course! That's why you can now buy "real" GraviTrax here!

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