Turntable AddOn Six-Shooter

This addon for the turntable makes it a multi-ball starter! And more!


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With this addon for the turntable, balls can be stored and released at a certain time. Several possibilities are available! One of the three supplied plates is inserted under the turntable. These have one, two or three openings through which the balls can be released.

This video shows the Six-Shooter in action:


Six-Shooter Starter:

The plate with one opening can release six balls from the turntable. Five are stored, the sixth ball triggers the mechanism. Of course, fewer balls can also be stored.

The plate with two opposite openings allows even more variations. Four "storage places" are available for the balls, so the turntable can also be triggered twice.

The plate with three openings ideally releases three balls at once and, like the mixer, discharges them in three different directions. Very practical when things have to happen simultaneously and no delay is desired as with the mixer.

The Six-Shooter can also be used as a TipTube alternative, with the advantage that the balls roll out with a delay and not directly one after the other.

Attention: the original GraviTrax Turntable is required for this!

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  • Turntable-Wheel
  • 3 Plates
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